Mehedinti Romania Cardio Fitness Kickboxing, Muay Thai, MMA Strength and Conditioning

Mehedinti, Romania Cardio Kickboxing Workouts for Fitness, Fun and Profit

Are you a kickboxing fanatic? Have you ever thought about teaching kickboxing classes in Mehedinti, Romania? Did you know you can make a great living, have fun and help a lot of people by becoming a certified fitness kickboxing instructor?  There are several types of kickboxing and stand-up martial arts. Some are for competition and others are for fun.  All of them get you in great shape and burning hundreds of calories per hour.

Here are a few ways you can learn to teach and have a proven system for earning a great living doing what you love:

Muay Thai Fitness (MTF) is perfect for personal fitness trainers, Crossfit coaches, traditional martial arts schools, boot camp coaches and big box gyms. The complete training system is specifically designed to work with trainers, coaches and business owners ranging from solo, small budget operations to big box and big budget gyms in Mehedinti, Romania.


ONE-ON-ONE TRAINING: MTF has complete training systems in place for one-on-one coaching requiring very minimal space and budget. Total equipment costs under $100.

SMALL GROUP TRAINING:  You can also offer small group training classes with 2 – 8 people. Total equipment costs range from $100 – $200.

LARGE GROUP CLASSES: The large group classes can be included with your regular membership, or you can charge a premium for this class.  As will all MTF formats, it’s up to you. MTF group classes can range from 9 to 40+ people. If you charge each person $10/class, you earn from $90 – $400+ per hour. Total equipment costs range from $500 – $3,000.


TACTIX is a martial arts group exercise training system, business model and certification which blends aspects of Krav Maga, Muay Thai, Kung-fu and Fitness Boot Camp Conditioning. Click here for details about operating a TACTIX Kickboxing Program in Mehedinti, Romania.


TACTIX is perfect for you if you are:

  • A fitness pro or boot camp instructor who wants to make more money in less time
  • A martial artist who wants to offer a martial arts-based fitness program
  • A gym owner who needs multiple streams of revenue

TACTIX DOES NOT teach sparring, or incorporate actual combat. Fun partner drills are used to develop timing, coordination and balance.



If you are interested in all aspects of martial arts, especially the fitness, strength training and overall conditioning, then you need to learn more about the MMA Conditioning Association and the world-class MMA Conditioning Coach Certification Program. You can operate a fitness kickboxing and MMA strength and conditioning program in Mehedinti, Romania.



If you areally want a hard core martial arts workout for the Zombie Apocalypse that you can do at your Mehedinti, Romania home, you need to check out SCF - Survival Combat Fitness.


Country is Romania (RO):

Region is: Mehedinti

Cities are:  Amarasti Aninoasa Aurora Badea Baia De Arama Baia De Fier Bailesti Balcesti Banita Barbatesti Baru Berbesti BGlteni Boca Bustuchin Carpen Ceplea Cioaca Cioroiasiu Copaceni Corabia Corlatel Crusetu Dabuleni Damian Devesel Dragotesti Drobeta-turnu Severin Dubova Farcasu Filiasi Galicea Mare Ganea Glavile Godeanu Goicea Gradistea Grecesti Gusoeni Hurezani Iancu Jianu Jiana Ladesti Livezi Lupeni Magheru Maglavit Melinesti Negomiru Novaci Orlesti Orsova Pades Petrila Petros Petrosani Plenita Plopsoru Podeni Polovragi Prunisor Pui Puscasu Sadova Salasu De Sus Salcia Samarinesti Sarmizegetusa Simian Sinesti Stirbei Stoina Strehaia Susani Tantaru TGrgu TGrgul Turburea Turceni Turnu Severin Urda Urdari Uricani Vaideeni Valea Mare VGnju-mare Vladila Vladimir Voicu Vulcan

Latitude: 44.7562222222222 Longitude: 23.5381111111111